Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Limousine or Party Bus From Raleigh Royalty for a Birthday Bash!

Whether you’re planning to take 30 kids to Chuck E. Cheese’s for your son’s 10th birthday or you’re dining in style at a hot restaurant in Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill for your beloved grandma’s 80th birthday, you need quality transportation that will mark this truly special occasion!

Call right now at 9999.999.9999 or take a minute to fill out a contact form, and Raleigh Royalty Limo will get you an affordable price quote on one of our elite cars or buses right away!

Nothing says “Happy Freakin’ Birthday!!” to your loved ones like an elite limousine ride from Raleigh Royalty Limo! Cake and presents are nice, but you can add an extra layer of awesome with a rented towncar, limousine, party bus, or another luxury vehicle from Raleigh Royalty Limo!

Here are just 5 of the thousands reasons to rent an elite vehicle from Raleigh Royalty Limo the next time you’re planning a big birthday celebration!

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Elite fleet of luxury vehicles

Raleigh Royalty Limo has the finest fleet on the road around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the Research Triangle Park. We have it all: fully loaded party buses, slick black limousines, fashionable towncars, ritzy stretch hummers, and everything in between! Want to take a crew of your ladies out for your BFF’s birthday? 

Rent a cheap party bus and swoop in on all the nightlife hotspots in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill! Want to rent a swanky towncar for your husband’s 40th birthday and take him to a suspenseful sporting event because he’s a diehard fan of the Duke Blue Devils, North Carolina Tarheels, or the NC State Wolfpack? 

Good deal, we have the perfect towncar at the ready for your sports-loving hubby! Want to melt your wife’s heart with a limousine rental for her birthday celebration? Good plan dude, we have plenty of limousines with leather seats, tinted windows, CD/DVD players, and every other in-vehicle amenity you could ask for, and we can guarantee that she’ll flip all her switches when she sees the elite car you’ve rented for your romantic birthday date! No matter what you need, Raleigh Royalty Limo has a luxury transportation option that will help you add the YAY to your friend or loved one’s birthday!

Unbeatable prices on limousines, party buses, and other luxury cars

Raleigh Royalty Limo offers affordable pricing on limousine and bus rentals in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, the Research Triangle Park, and other North Carolina communities. We offer luxury car service for birthday boys and birthday girls at killer prices so you can spoil your special someone stupid without breaking open the piggy bank! 

At prices this low, you sort of can’t afford to not surprise your spouse or friend on their next birthday with a cheap limousine! Save your pennies and show the love at the same time with a birthday rental with Raleigh Royalty Limo! When you rent a limousine, towncar, party bus, stretch hummer, or any other car from us, we guarantee that you will be impressed with our price quotes and quality vehicles! 

We spend a lot of what we earn on upgrading and maintaining our cars, buses, and limousines, so even though you’re getting one of the cheapest prices in the Triangle, you’re not sacrificing quality! Rest assured, all our rental cars and buses are in mint condition! No sticky seats or streaky windows, just a smooth ride and perfect atmosphere for your buddy or relative’s birthday bash!

Punctual, courteous chauffeurs

Of course, limousines are cool, and the birthday boy or birthday girl will feel super-special when they realize you rented a limousine, towncar, or stretch hummer for their big day! However, a great car is no good unless you have an elite driver. This is just one way that Raleigh Royalty Limo outshines the competition. We hire the most professional, courteous, and cool drivers in North Carolina. 

All of our chauffeurs are fully licensed and insured in North Carolina, and your Raleigh Royalty Limo driver will make sure your birthday party is a success, no matter what! We pride ourselves on punctuality, so if you have a surprise birthday party planned, we will work with you to make sure the guest of honor arrives at just the right moment.

 If you need a couple extra minutes to hang the streamers and pick up the birthday cake, not to worry! Your Raleigh Royalty Limo driver is a James Bond-level surprise birthday party expert, and will buy you a little precious time so you can prep for the big moment! Running late for your reservation at one of Raleigh, Durham, or Chapel Hill’s finest restaurants? No big deal, your Raleigh Royalty Limo chauffeur knows all the back roads in the Triangle and will shave off a few minutes of travel-time so you arrive at your birthday dinner right when you want to!

Safe transportation home

Whether your birthday guest is turning 15 or 50, getting home safe and sound is critically important. Raleigh Royalty Limo will take care of all the details and assure that your birthday outing is safe, fun, and memorable! Best friend turning 21? Bring along a bottle of champagne and pop it open in the back of our swanky limousine! Taking your dad to a wine tasting at a North Carolina vineyard for his 65th birthday? 

Don’t worry about a designated driver, just call us and get safe, sober, and smooth transportation home! Taking your daughter on a shopping spree for her sweet 16? Rent from Raleigh Royalty Limo, and get a hand from our elite chauffeur when it’s time to load your young lady’s loot into the limo and head home (keep those receipts BTW, just in case she changes her mind the second you tell her that you like what she picked out…sigh…teenagers…)! No matter what, Raleigh Royalty Limo will get you where you’re going safely and securely!

Show the love and make birthday memories with Raleigh Royalty Limo

You can pick up a pre-made birthday cake from Harris Teeter and throw together some spaghetti for your relative or friend’s birthday party. You can take them out to a concert, dinner, or night on the town. No matter what you decide to do for your loved one’s birthday, you can class the whole thing up with a cheap rented limousine or party bus from Raleigh Royalty Limo!

 Whether your birthday guest is a homebody who wants to celebrate in his or her pajamas or a party monster who wants to hit every last nightclub in the Triangle, a limousine ride with one of our elite chauffeurs is sure to make this birthday a memorable, joyous occasion! Cruise the North Carolina back roads, hit the strip for some cocktails, or head to the stadium for a basketball game at UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, or NC State. No matter what your birthday celebration plans, Raleigh Royalty Limo can take it from “oh that was fun,” to “Holy moo-cow, that was freaking fantastic! BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!” Call us now for your cheap Triangle-area limousine quote!
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